School of Fish - New Hire Program

Razorfish was increasingly feeling the pressures of labor markets that were getting tighter and tighter on the coasts. Technology and Data Science talent markets continued to be fierce in competition, so we needed an idea on how to grow entry level talent from right out of universities. Instead of the normal onboarding process, we needed a new idea. A way for these students to quickly ramp up, get a great idea of how things work at Razorfish, but also providing them with a unprecedented employee experience. 

School of Fish was an on-boarding program that included User Experience hires in the first year and technology hires in its second year. The entire process was to establish an awesome new employee experience for technology and user experience employees. 


  • First year included UX hires and expanded it to technology in its second year. 
  • Had two cohorts of over 30+ new hires across all of Razorfish US offices. 
  • Designed and built the School of Fish program - a 6 week fully immersive on-boarding experience that included education, collaboration, and social events.
  • Worked with user experience and technology leadership to build curriculum that would educate and entertain new hires. 
  • We retained almost 99% of the new candidates in the School of Fish. In the program we invited employees to leave the program in exchange for compensation if they felt like Razorfish or the roles were not a fit for them after the immersive. 
School of Fish.png