Razorfish Technology Summit (annual)

In partnership with Razorfish's CTO (Ray Velez) and key sponsors, we launched the Razorfish Technology Summit. A yearly conference where we brought together clients, interesting technology leaders, and employees from across Razorfish's global operations to convene on New York City for a three day summit.

Day One - internal meetings and workshops across Razorfish's global technology teams.

Day Two - the client and public facing part of the summit that hosted speakers from across the Groupe and external speakers like economist Andrew McAfee (Race Against the Machines, Second Machine Age) and data scientist Hilary Mason (Fast Forward Labs).

Day Three - developed, organized, and operated 7-10 workshops for clients, including a partnership with Top Coder. 

I helped to:

  • Drive sponsor invovlement
  • Identify and contact speakers
  • Decide on content and schedule for the summit 
  • Identify and work with partners in the startup and innovation space.
  • Help to execute on the event