KAE.ai - Artificially Intelligent HR Agent

Ever think some HR folks are like robots? Me too, which is why I founded and created KAE.ai. KAE is an artificially intelligent HR agent that answers basic and complex HR questions for employees and managers 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

KAE is your digital HR generalist that can recite the FMLA rules, understands the local HR laws, and can also provide your employees with their PTO balance. KAE can also provide predictive recommendations and analytics. Imagine if you ask a series of questions and KAE suggests a certain direction or choice. Like your real life HR Generalist, KAE gets to know your employees and becomes more and more intelligent as they ask question. KAE can also provide key analytics to measure tone, interaction, and general subjects to provid unprecedented insights into the real thoughts of your workforce in aggregate, all while having no direct identification to the employee, thus keeping their privacy. With predictive recommendations you can be proactive in your strategies our your people. 

While we believe that artificial intelligence will replace some roles and create others, the real power is the combination of humans and technology. With KAE.ai, your HR department transfers the tactical work that is bogging them down on a daily basis, and shifts into more and more strategic work. Imagine your next HR hire as someone that doesn't need to know the latest FMLA rules. 

While the technology is always the front facing part of the company, the real power of KAE.ai is within the team of founders. The KAE.ai founding team consists of decades of experience in human resources, technology, chatbots, and data science.