The Ella Project - Ella the Engineer


Jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are the jobs of tomorrow, but today, women only make up 24% of STEM workers in the United States, only 14% of the country’s engineers and 27% of computer science professionals. Without appropriate female representation, the potential STEM innovations of tomorrow will be missing half of the talent in our world.

Ella the Engineer is a cartoon series to encourage young kids, specifically girls, to pursue careers in coding, science, engineering and arts (and entrepreneurship). 

The original comic book was sponsored by Razorfish as a way to increase our branding in the women in tech space, but also provide an early investment in girls in tech for future generations. 

We are going into a new sponsorship with a global consulting firm who is publishing a bunch of the comic books profiling STEM figures within their networks, plus a graphic novel. 

Our final goal with Ella the Engineer is to make a movie, a Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, and a 360 brand changing the lives of young girls globally!

Download a copy of the comic book here and share with kids today. Check out all the female STEM Figures as part of the The Ella Project here