Big Fuel Rocks - Recruiting Creatives Through Indie Music Events

Content marketing was a staple at Big Fuel, but we wanted to create an experience that would wow candidates and folks we were trying to recruit, but not make it a typical recruiting event. Panel's were all over, so we brainstormed a bit on what could be an awesome and different experience for creatives we wanted to bring on board at Big Fuel. What about giving them unprecedented access to new and up and coming indie rock bands. What if Big Fuel was the place they learned about those bands. That would make a great brand connection and provide an awesome story. So, Big Fuel rocks was born. A summer series of rock concerts in our awesome space above Home Depot on 23rd street. The same office where "Big" was filmed. 

Big Fuel Rocks was a huge success, bringing in New York creatives into our office on a monthly basis to hear the latest indie band. We actually hired 4 people from these events. Much cheaper than hiring a recruiting firm.